Bar stories part 3 the detectives

3 weeks go by since the bar incident and I hear nothing so I figure they caught the guy. I have a buddy over on a Sunday night, we get a 24 pack and watch a movie, by the time the movie is over we are out of beer so I ask him if he is up for another movie. He says I don't know I gotta leave here by 10a.m. to get to work. He decides to stay the night cause he's kinda drunk so I go for more beer. We put in another movie, which he falls asleep half way through on my couch with an open beer in hand. I finish the movie and the rest of the beer. By the time the movie is over its like 4 in the morning. I look over at my buddy and he still has the beer in his hand. I almost take it but decide to see if he can go the whole night without spilling a drop. (I have done this before.) I go to bed, wake up a little while later to take a piss and notice he spilled the beer. Alcohol abuse! I go back to bed. I am awakened by my cellphone ringing shortly before 10a.m. I don't answer. They leave a message so I listen to it and its a detective that wants to talk to me about the incident at the bar. I'm not dealing with this right now, I'll call them back later I'm still kinda drunk. Its shortly after 10 in the morning and I hear a knock at the door. I figure its my friend, I told him to lock the bottom lock when he left so its gotta be him, he left something behind. I open the door, no shirt on, eyes barely open probly reaking of alcohol and its 2 detectives already starting with the questions before I even have a chance to invite them in. "Come on in, excuse the mess, I'm in the middle of a move." Theres barely a path to walk through the livingroom to the couch, packed boxes, trash, beer bottles all over the table, the floor, the pool of beer in front of the couch my buddy spilled. I clear a path with my foot as I lead them to the couch. I put on a shirt and have a seat in the middle of the couch with a detective on either side of me. They take my statement and say now you told the officer you could identify the man. "Ya" (Ya but that was 3 weeks ago and several beers later.) He says have you ever done a photo lineup? "No." I say. Its not like it is in the movies he tells me, he may or not be in the lineup. He shows me a lineup of 8 men. I take my time as he is starring a hole through me. You see him he asks? "No, I don't recognize any of them." Are you sure? "Yep" You told the officer you would recognize him again, he states. "This was 3 weeks ago in a dark bar and you said he may or may not be in there." O.k. here is my card if you think of anything else as he heads for the door. What else would I think of? I didn't see him in the lineup 3 weeks later. Game over! The moral of the story, don't open the door unless you look out the peephole first.

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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