Baseball and Steroids

In the last couple of days it has come out in the news that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids in 2003. It seems no one in Major League Baseball that can do anything cares. Why? They put butts in the seats. And as much as the fans call it a sport MLB is in actuality a business. It is a business that is shy to bite the hands that feed it, namely the big name star players. These current players are pretty much immune to any type of disciplinary actions due to the lawyers and players reps. Oh sure they might get a slap on the wrist with suspensions or fines as long as they promise not to do it again. But there is one silver lining. Hopefully, the only way they are getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame is the same we can, by buying a ticket.

What does this mean in the long term? Well for one entrance to Cooperstown will be as scarce as World Series titles for Boston. Baseball was held in high regard as Americas pastime. Any hard working kid with talent could be the next Ruth, Gehrig or DiMaggio. Now any kid with a mediocre work habit who takes shortcuts can stick a needle in his ass and hit a ball 500 ft. Yeah simplistic but you get my point. MLB may not want to do anything but individuals can do something. Individuals like the Baseball Writers who vote players into the Hall.

These individuals may be the only hope for retribution. They dont have to explain why they voted for who they voted for. They dont have to explain to majority owners or players reps or lawyers or even the players themselves why they did or didnt vote a certain way. They can just vote. Maybe the Baseball Writers will keep the cheaters out of the Hall of Fame. If the 2009 vote is any indication we are on a fine start. Mark McGwire, who I was a big fan of while I was growing up, famously told the US Congress he wasnt there to talk about the past fell short by almost 300 votes for admission. That may be the way the votes for the players of the steroid era may go as they become eligible. We can only hope.

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