bastardous bill gates.

It's happening again, I think about it every now and than but I still try to ignore the fact that it is all real. Step by step my mind slowly drifts away into what feels like an eternity in a frightening array of thoughts that I am not making. I mind my own businness when I can, but he always has been stronger than me in so many ways. I wrapped my head in tin foil because it will slightly defect some of the transmissions he sends to me. Soon my mind won't be mine anymore and it is all thanks to him and his unstoppable technology that develops faster than a simple human mind could comprehend. He is a manipulative bastard that laughs at those who are lesser than him, such as I.

      I never knew it was possible to kill an object that cannot be grasped or felt or smelled, tasted, seen, or heard. Though physically he is weak, his mental superiority is unstoppable. I have made a plan to capture him and gather what information I can. It is to late to save anyone that his grasp has managed to catch.

      I will infiltrate his headquarters hopefully no blood will be shed but if I must than I shall. The plan I cannot speak anymore of for if he were to find out than I and many more will be mercelessly slaughtered by his awful henchman. He is a master of decieving anyone who he wishes to, Note to yourself to never under any circumstances look him in the eye, for he has unspeakable and unhuman powers. I pitty anyone who has fallen victim to him and his manipulative ways, and I shall avenge those whos souls have fallen into his never ending reign of terror.

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