There's not much I'm afraid of. Aside from, loud noises, quick movement, large objects, new intruders, and things I don't understand of course. But above all of that, is the strange ritual they perform every now and again. I hypothesize that the reason the Feeders do not clean themselves is they lack the saliva amount needed for their huge bodies. Even if they had the amount, they do not nearly have the flexibility to get a full clean. So require additional water to wash away dirt. Here's the confusion. WHY would they make US partake in their ritual? We're flexible, and clean ourselves quite well. But every few months, we find ourselves being taken one at a time into the dreaded bath time.


I doubt Servine has the brain power to be aware of the dangers of water. In small amounts, it's great for drinking. Feeders face no fear of drowning due to their quite larger size. But we're an 8th of their size! We are putting our lives into their hands, and that is simply a death sentence. I survived this last bath, somehow.


It started off as a regular day, until I heard the pour of water. Figuring the Feeders were just doing their own thing, I remained on the couch, doing mine. My mandatory mid-morning nap. That was until the taller Feeder scooped me up and took me into the enclosure where the running water was. The second Feeder got into the tub and took me from the first. Instantly I began yelling for backup, but they had already closed the door. I was on my own. With my front weapons removed, I only had my bare strength and cunning to get out of the situation. Unfortunately for me, they were stronger. They submerged me until the tops of my legs before shutting off the valve and splashing water ontop of me. I tried to struggle, tried to get out, but they wouldn't let me. I howled, hoping some other Feeder would hear my cries and come to my rescue. But to no avail. Everything was so loud, between my cries and the Feeders talking, and the splash of water. They rubbed me from head to toe in strange smelling stuff before washing me over with more water. After what seemed like an eternity, they drained the water, and let me escape. Cold, shamed, and soaking wet I fled under the bed. Then it was Servines turn. Poor Servine.


Don't worry, she managed to survive as well. But who says we will both be so lucky next time?

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