bbq turned into a evacuation.

One f*cked up evning. Me and my friends decided to trow a litte bbq. Just the 3 of us. We open the grill and there is nothing to make fire. Of course,my friend is a totall dumbass so he grabbed some paper and put it in the grill and let that sh*t burn. He covered it up. After couple of minutes later we came back and there is sh*t load of smoke everywere. We just used some water and put it down. Here it is when it gets crazy. Suddendly we hear a police from far away. We ignored it of course becuase why would police want dumbasses like us. After another 2 minures. We hear firetrucks. Thay are coming right for us. Everybody is f*ucking evacuating from around the neighboorhood. We are scared as hell. Don't know what to do. My friend puts out the litte fire that is left in the grill. The next thing we know there is 7 police cars,5 ambulances,and like 10 firetrucks. There are children screaming,adults running everywere. We have no idea what the f*ck is going on. Police runs right at us,tackles us down to the floor. Now we're sh*tting our pants. Police is screaming at us. Everybody looks like they are about to kill us. The police was good enough to let us go. We ran like bunch of bitches while there is like 4 people from neighboorhood chasing us. We get home,his mom is waiting pissed off. I'd rather go back to the angry neighboorhood men then see her that mad. The next day everything is in the damn paper.

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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