Beat Your Kids

I bet you are wondering where the hell I am going with this. Well I have a few friends with kids and they range from five to eighteen. Lately I have noticed that when these kids get pissy or they want something they have no problem telling their parents or other adult to fuck off. I am really trying to wrap my mind around what on Earth these kids are thinking. When I was a kid if I had told my mother or father to fuck off you would not be reading this because I wouldn't be here.

Kids today seem to confuse exposure to media as experience and that makes them mature. Well that couldn't be any farther from the truth. If you are a child and you know a little about say, heart failure or maybe the polar ice cap, don't spout of information to me like I give a fuck what you think. What you see on T.V. is not the central basis for knowledge. In fact it is usually only one side of the story and doesn't hold any real credibility at all. Try reading a book and don't tell me about it because you are the one who needs to learn. If you are a child, you are the most basic form of an undeveloped human being. Just because mommy told you that you were smart or clever does not make that shit true. If you are not dead you are still developing and your elders deserve your respect.

Well back to the real point, The problem with kids today is that parents stopped beating their children and started trying to negotiate with them. You don't negotiate with someone when you are holding all the cards. If they whine and scream smack the shit out of them and they will stop. There is no need to pacify a child's emotions since they are still learning how to react to the world. All they need to know is that if they misbehave there are physical repercussions.

The fact that parents don't beat their stupid kids is also the reason that children are terrified to take a punch. When I was a kid if their was an argument you had a fist fight with the other kid and that was it. Now these little pussies are bringing guns to school to try and "punish" people for mental duress. Hey, maybe you get picked on because you don't try to be part of society. Maybe the black eye makeup and the clove cigarettes are making you a target. Hum maybe....

Long story short, parents discipline your kids now before another generation grows up weak and completely bereft of any common courtesy. Kids who are reading this I am sorry you are all screwed. It is too late to undo the damage that your parents and teachers caused you by not telling you that you are not special and you probably won't go far in life with out a hell of a lot of effort on your part. Tough shit so good luck.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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