been awhile.

so it's been a few weeks since i posted last.  I have been doing a shit ton of stuff to keep busy.  this past week i took my corrections civil service test and got a 90 out of 100.  I'm stoked.

Other than that it's been non stop overtime at work.  but without further adieu

Shit that really pisses me off!

People at restaurants that don't tip hard working waiters. 

Last night i went to a place where they were holding a half off deal.  i saw my waiter 5 times.  He was over worked and tired, but he still was enjoyable, and even held a conversation with me and my fiance.  Then the woman in the booth next to us began yelling at him for taking forever.  she bitched him out for like 10 minutes. 

when she left i noticed she dropped her money on the table and walked out.  this is a place where you approach a cashier.  The waiter came over and noticed she had dropped exact change.  her 30 dollar meal became 15 and she didn't even tip this guy.

The dude worked his ass off.  so when it came my turn to pay I made sure to tip him. 

I could understand if he was lazy, or being an asshole, but this guy was really trying to keep people happy. 

I don't believe in the unconditional tip, but i do believe in tipping people who deserve it.  Also you're leftover change is not a tip, don't be that douchebag!
Uploaded 04/28/2011
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