Been gone

Well, the good ol' shivmaster is finally cleaned out and I needed some computer maintenance since Tom can't pay for his Internet bill in jail (like hell I'm using my connection.  Too much tractability.)

Though it's safe to say I've been gone for a while (unless someone would like to prove me wrong).  And I must say that upon coming back; things do not seem to have improved.

I understand that you guys have work, school, being a Norwegian Male supermodel named "Gah" (SexyMan87).  Hey I don’t blame you, someone has to point out the obvious fact that you think you’re better than everyone else by tacking away at a keyboard (and no one discovered that you’re really some angry little Freshman trying to look cool in front of total strangers.)  But that aside, I’ll see you soon, I’ve never seen a Norwegian man from the inside out, here’s to me not forgetting the Morphine (disembowelment can hurt.)  Anywho, back on topic, I know you guys are busy, but what is it really that sets us apart from all of the douchbaggyness in the feature section?

Kaustic with his 150 I.Q. and German shepherd named Adolf?

Adraline with her tendency to make blogs sound bitchier than they really are?

Portlet with his hobby of posting douchbag comment after comment?

Or is it Reyo with his tendency to be serious one minute and crack a joke the next?

 The point is things have never really changed here.  Dumbasses like crowman (that guy who thought Rap was better than Rock…personally, I want to gut him like 3 week old flounder, but my damned hook won’t come out of Jose here.) have turned into dumbasses like Sexyman (you too, provided the hook doesn’t get stuck in crowman).  Debates like how Bush is ruining this country have turned into why McCain is the bomb or Obama is the shit.  Even things like Religion are being repeated.  We are running out of shit to argue about.  Now do I have to slash a bitch?

Uploaded 10/15/2008
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