Being A Tough Guy

Face it, we've all been through the typical "Tough Guy" act. Though this doesn't specify to one particular race, some are more than others. You have a "Gangster" who attempts to be a real "tough guy", though if you listen to what they say exactly, are they really?

A tough guy, to me anyways is someone who can fight their own battles without somebodies assistance, or several somebodies. A guy who fights toe-to-toe face-to-face with the person they're arguing with. They don't rely on surprise attacks, friends, or a weapon at hand to fight the fight they caused. A tough guy could even be someone who knows when, and when not to fight. When it's worth it, and when it isn't.

A "tough guy" is what you'll primarily see with adolescents, a person(s) who's trying to cause a fight for any reason of any kind. Whether a minor insult was traded to him, or someone accidentally walked into him. In most cases this "tough guy" won't even fight on his own, instead he will gather a group of friends and jump the guy.

This has got to be the most cowardly move out there, for a guy trying to act like tough shit this is the worst thing you can do. To top it all off, at times these friends will bring weapons just to increase the injury. Though sometimes "tough guys" can pull a tough guy move, and fight one on one. Although if they lose this fight they will do what was stated above. These "Tough Guys" will stop at nothing to prove the complete opposite of what they claim to be.

My question is, what's brought on this whole "Tough Guy" act? What is the reason for someone to be a "Tough Guy", because at times it appears more worth it to be in the background than to be in the spotlight. Another question is, if you claim to be the Tough Guy that you are, why do you insist on pulling cowardly stunts?

Uploaded 08/31/2008
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