Being High

Let me preface this blog by saying everyone needs to calm the fuck down and smoke a bong..ok now that that's out of the way...
Next time someone gives you shit for doing drugs...remember what I'm about to say.
The average human being uses about 8-9% of their brain, yes that's right..Albert Einstein used 10% but thats beside the fucking point..anyways, when someone, like yourself, takes some illegal drugs like weeeeeed for instance, you unlock a certain % of your brain that you normally don't use, that's why you think so deeply and everything seems so...strange...when you do mushrooms or acid or any upper, downer, or all arounder, the same thing happens, you unlock more usage from your previously unused mind...there's so much potential in there ever got this amazing idea while you were high on something and it just makes sense...but you would never think of it without that good good stuff.  So does it make sense that using more of your brain is a good thing? Agreed? cool i knew you would.
If there is anything I want you to take from this is that drugs are not evil, they help you, but all in moderation mind you...
Leave a comment, and no this blog is not fake..fucking people
Uploaded 10/22/2010
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