Being stabbed in the face in the tunnel.

The Tunnel is a tattoo and peircing parlour in my town. Tomorrow I am going there to find out how much it costs to get your nose peirced, and how much the ring costs. It better not be t ex[ensive because the only reason my dad allowed me to get it done was if I payed for it myself ( I know, Im such a spoiled lil brat). One of my overly conservative friends found out t hat I wanted to get my nose done and I swear to god I thought she was going to like have a stroke. She went into a whole tirrade about how peircings are bad and how they are practicly the work of the devil (Ive known her since I was very young so I have to accept that she is a jesus freak).

She actualy thinsk that by me peircing my nopse I am supporting Satan. Apparently I am doing this ebcausae I am destroying my body wich god created for me. This makes a little bit of sense but saying I am supporting the devil all because I'm having a needle stuck through my nose is a little excessive.

I dont agree with all peircings because some are jsut stupid, But why not elt people do what they want with their own body, If they want to get spacers in their ears and have giant nasty holes then let them. Its not like they are forcing you to get it done. If they are then they have some serious issues.

But either way, I am very happy to get it done. Hopefully my jesus freak friend wont try to exercise m after I get it done.

Uploaded 01/18/2009
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