I was in a dark place when I wrote this. It is definitely angry, and questions everything, even faith. I try not to think this way all the time. But when I think of all the death and hatred our leaders have caused through war and conflict (at our expense) yes, I do wan them to suffer like they've made countless others.

When is the fucking world gonna end?
I want it to break, not simply bend
Destruction and chaos Are already here.
An end to the madness, the pain, and the fear

Bob Dylan can say it, So why not I?
Rip out their hearts, hold it before their eyes
Money cant fill,  a dark pit inside,
They covet and grab, fighting morals with lies

I want them to die, the criminals in charge,
They seem satisfied, to make our lives hard
But Ill tell you what, would make ME satisfied
Is to watch them writhe in pain,
Till their soulless bodies die

I want them to burn, I want them to suffer,
A pain so exquisite, there is no more cover
No place to run, from their duties and demands
How does it feel, to have control switch hands?

God looks the same, to believers and doubters,
No existence shown, no proof of powers
And maybe I deceive myself when I say
there will be reckoning, and a Judgement Day

Maybe Im wrong, and there Is no hell,
Maybe no heaven, above us to dwell
But if there is good, and if there is reason,
It justifies my faith, and my believin

Theres no way to know, we may never tell,
But  if you make others suffer,
Youre already in hell

Uploaded 10/11/2011
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