Best money I ever spent.......

Yes this is about Wilson the man who disrespected the president and I like many Americans was ashamed once again by our elected officials. The Dem's the so called wounded party in this whole deal werent so victimized when they booed Bush so many times in these hollowed halls of our great men and women. Wilson being a man, but still a man none the less apologized for his indescretion and Obama being the kind of man I think he is accepted the apology because he knows the cost and the high spiritedness of our politics.

Step forward the  GREAT DIVIDER of our nation Nancy Pelosi who takes great effort to insult ANYBODY who doesnt buy into her idea of politics. From the very day Obama took office she has done nothing to reach across the isles of the great hall and try to reach a compromise. It boggles my mind how people let her just go on and on with her divisiveness. I dont know how many times I have heard people even in this blog section go off on Sarah Palin only to look the other way when this EVIL person goes on and on with her crap. Who cares about Sarah Palin she cant do a thing to help or hurt this country LOOK at Pelosi she and her cronies are a big reason we have the Tea partiers and the inability to get ANYTHING done in this country.

I did something I have never done in my 33 years of voting and that is I gave Wilson 50.00 for his war chest and not because of his unprofessional remarks to our president but because he stepped up and manned up and refused to be taken to the out house by Pelosi. Want to fix this country then start by fixing that great divider Nancy Pelosi, she has the power and she is not afraid to stop this country in its tracks, she wants what she wants and screw us.


Thanks for reading Bohank


I wish just once in my life I could give money to a person who wants what the American people want and I firmly believe we all want a real "UNITED" States



Uploaded 09/17/2009
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