Best of 2010

Here are my favorite picks for last year. Somehow they went under the radar, but they are by far the best.

10. Al Sharpton Call Man Punk Faggot.

Can a white man get away with calling someone a Punk Faggot?

9. Breakdance Fail

I love it when some one is trying to be funny, and it only ends up in complete fail.

8. Proper way to great the Mormons

I love funny old ladies.

7. Tsim Fukis

This one goes out to the most gansta kid on the internet.

6. Roller Blade Nut Shot

Who doesn't love a good nut shot?

5. Human Saxophone

Who doesn't enjoy talent?

4. Beyond the Universe

Neat video going from earth-solar system-galexy- universe then speeds back and goes into an atom, really really neat.

3. Machine gun Wake up.

I love a good wake up video, this one happens to be pretty good.

2. Bill Hicks on Non Smokers

My favorite comedian ever, talking about smokers and non smokers.

1. World Trade Center Tower 7

Drum role is my number one. this is world trade center tower 7 that fell on 9/11 2001. Not hit by a plane, but fell from fire alone. as you can see, it looks like controlled demolition. never hear of it? don't worry, the 9/11 commission report didn't find it important enough to put it in their book, so it must not be that important.
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