Beyond Man and Machines, Chapter 4.

Beyond Man and Machines, Chapter 4.

Small town of Woodbine, 150 miles from Kansas City. 1000hrs, 24th November 2011

All roads that lead into the town are barricaded. Anyone that tries to approach comes under small arms fire and are forced to retreat. There is no contact with the town residents, all attempts at communication fail. On the third day of the siege, at 1800hrs. It is reported that no guards are seen at the barricades. The decision is taken to move in.

The town is found to be deserted, not a single human or animal is found. After a more thorough search of the town, an entrance to a tunnel network is found beneath the fire station.

FBI and local law enforcement officers, including specialist search and rescue dog handlers, are drafted in to search the tunnel network that they expect to find below. Judging by what they can see from the entrance, it is appears to be vast.

In total, 60 local officers, FBI officials and dog handlers, mount a incursion in to the tunnels to search for survivors and to understand the situation clearer.

Video footage from helmet mounted cameras show the tunnel network is just as vast and complex as expected. The tunnels are seemingly man made, with shovels and hands. There is blood, the occasional human fingernail and grated off skin imbedded into the walls.

After twenty four minutes, the cameras stop broadcasting and a crew is sent to regain contact. After there is no sign of either the task force or the contact crew, the area is cornered off and guarded. Not knowing what they are dealing with, the authorites turn the matter over to the military.

Due to other pressing comittments, the investigation into the mass disapearance of residence and officials, does not take place.

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