Big Brother is Watching YOU!

The TSA situation must be stopped. As we all know, if you give government an inch, they take a mile. In Nazi Germany, it all started out with asking for your papers. Look at the end result. In psychology there is a thing called foot in the door phenomenon. This is when you agree to a large task, after you have been set up to do a menial one. Well this whole TSA thing is the menial task. Why are people putting up with this? Why are we letting a bunch of goons touch our junk? They have as much of a right to do this to you as a Wall-Mart greeter has. We as Americans have the RIGHT to be innocent until proven guilty. Now we are all treated as terrorists, having to go through radiation chambers, that let a bunch of unqualified goons see us naked, or we let said goons feel us up. Now in Philadelphia, the police are allowed to give you a pat down based solely upon suspicious behavior, including having your hands in your pockets. Really? I am steeling from Judge Napolitano in saying: according to the most famous Philadelphian of them all Ben Franklin those who give up essential Liberties, for temporary security, deserve NIETHER liberty nor security.

Things have even become more ridiculous with the Department of Homeland Securitys new campaign: if you see something, say something. This is directed towards citizens that if they see something suspicious, report it. It gives no definition of what suspicious behavior is, and is creating a tattle tale society.  The head of the DHS, Janet Napolitano is even having monitors set up in over 800 Wall-Mart stores. These monitors will be at the checkouts, and various places. Here is whats on the video:

All Im saying is I am really concerned for my country. I mean can you honestly tell me that we are NOT moving towards a 1984 Orwellian Society? I mean if this stuff happened in Nazi Germany would we be surprised? Your thoughts? Dissent is encouraged.

Uploaded 12/08/2010
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