Big Momma be gettin them stars!


Big Momma mailbox just be bustin at the seams with all kinds of good feedback and Big Momma be thankin yall for the little stars u honkies be puttin next to my blog words child i is just as happy as can be Lord have mercy!

I gots some more questions i be answerin yall with tonight and Big Momma want you to know she no let yall down now

To Mista Frogman? he be wantin to know if all us black folk be watchin the Madea movies.

Mista Frogman wut u be sayin now, that because Big Momma be a black woman she be watchin all them Madea movies now? Child Big Momma love some Madea but Big Momma be watchin all kinds of movies all the time

i especially like the movies with that Pauly Shore character OOOH CHILD he get me laughin every time! But Big Momma be sure not to watch no movies when Montel Williiams and Judge Judy be on.

Next thing i see is some big dude talkin bout wantin some beans and chicken.  Well child, you come on down to Georgia that where Big Momma be cookin. U come on over and Big Momma be makin yall some greens, country fried chicken, chitlins, catfish, cornbread, OOOH CHILD Big Momma be cookin up a storm for ya now

Next a Mista Dangle be talkin bout Big Mommas titties.

Mista Dangle YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE U IS TALKIN TO A REFINED SOUTHERN WOMAN and show some manners around Big Momma before u be talkin bout her boobies. All goin round leadin with you sha-boink-boink when u should be showin a lady a good time with some jewlerys and flowers.

Honey, i will not be treated like street poon-TANG~!!!  You wanna get in good with Big Momma then u better be buyin her some diamonds and a Chanel purse homeboy

besides, Big Momma be already goin crazy with all them menfolk tryin to get some of this. If you want yoself a big, beautiful southern woman with no boyfriend than I tells my niece ShaQuanda
to be comin up to get to know the Mista. In fact Big Momma already tell ShaQuanda bout u and now she be on my ass about sendin you an autograph picha she be takin specially for you.

CHILD ShaQuanda be the hottest boo-tay in the hood and want yo phone numba after you be all gettin her picha all messy with you sha-boink-boink. Jest tell Big Momma the day and yo address and Big Momma be sendin ShaQuanda up to yo house first class


Now don't u be all gettin with modesty and try tellin Big Momma her niece ain't the hottest piece of ass this side of the Mississippi, child!

Well that all Big Momma have for today  and remember if any of u menfolk be wantin' ShaQuanda's number too you just drop in a message on Big Mommas pm box and Big Momma be sendin yall some hot autograph pichas!

Uploaded 08/02/2011
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