Bigfoot sighting true story

My grandfather has a lake house up at Deep Creek which is in Western Maryland. I go up there this time time of year to hunt and fish, really to just relax. Its a really beautiful area. It gives you a real primitive feeling going into the woods with a fishing rod with no real goal in mind. Its just nice to see where your own adventure takes you. I remember this event pretty vividly, even well before anything of note ever happened. I remember not seeing hardly ANY wild life. I remember driving what seemed like a little over a mile and realizing how cold it was and that I should of put on a bigger jacket. Its extremely common to see deer out in the woods this time of year up there, I saw none. I was adventuring in an area that is pretty secluded with no easy access point for a road. There is a small bike trail that goes in a circle for about 2 miles, but you have to live in off the lake in which only 3 houses have access to. You pretty much have to walk through 2 peoples properties to even reach it. I've only ever seen a person on it a few times and it was during the summer. That day,I was on a 4 wheeler and I decided to drive off the trail, which I've done before.

I was moving fairly slow after I got off the beaten path because of the terrain itself. For those of you who have been to Western Maryland, its more moundy than mountainy. Some areas you just can't take a 4 wheeler. You're just asking to flip it or get stuck. Its just too rough to go with anything but foot. This wasn't so bad though. I can't really say how far I got because my speed couldn't of been much faster than a brisk walk. I heard nothing up to this point because of the sound of the engine. I did feel something hit my leg, which in itself isn't unusual when you're driving a 4 wheeler. I thought nothing of it at the time, but I really wonder if this was the beginning of my encounter. It very likely could of been kick back from the front tires, even still. I proceeded what felt like another 100 feet or so, which took me about 30-60 seconds in this terrain. I felt something hit my back. This is when I stopped and the engine quieted down enough for me to hear what sounded like shuffling. It convinced me enough that I turned off the 4 wheeler completely to get a better listen. I heard what sounded like something moving through leaves, but I saw nothing in the direction I was looking. Its not like there was any cover either. It was pretty distinctly coming from that a specific direction, as well. This would not bother me at all typically. It was the combination of feeling something hit my back with the shuffling that made me feel a bit uneasy. 

I started trying to rationalize things. I was thinking that I was moving pretty slow on this 4 wheeler and someone could of easily heard the engine itself and caught up to me on foot. I yelled out, "yo" or "hey", something of that nature to see if anyone says anything back. I heard nothing but more shuffling. At this point, I was pretty convinced it was a person, because I honestly felt like the shuffling was a response to my voice. I turned around on my 4 wheeler to where I was sitting backwards on it and looked in the direction of the sound. This is probably where I'm going to lose some people. My eyes started to adjust to something I had literally been looking at for maybe 10-15 seconds without noticing what it was. Have you ever seen a show where they say 'find the hidden object' and you feel like you're just looking at a still picture and then something moves and you're like, "how did I miss that, it was there the whole time!". It was exactly like that. The thing had to of been 7 ft tall, it was looking right at me. It was huge. It was thick, but more of a husky. Shoulders were super board and it was not lengthy in the least bit in regards to its height. It was a brownish hue, but there were discolored browns on its legs, I found as it got closer. I think what freaked me out the most is that I was staring at it for around 15 seconds before noticing it. Did it feel like I was challenging it or something? Like I heard on some animal shows that Gorillas see looking at them as a challenge. This thing looked ape like enough for me to have that thought. 

The thing sat there and continued to stare at me. It started to strafe, but like one foot across the other, not a shuffle or anything. It was the exact sound I heard earlier. But, for its size, this thing moved suuuuuper quiet. If the leaves had not been there, I don't see how I would of seen it. It was moving toward me, but not directly, if that makes sense. It wasn't walking straight at me, but making a circle around me with this side stepping motion. It was getting closer, but not that much closer. This entire time I was not thinking this is a guy in a suit. I was not thinking hoax. I was only thinking, I hope this thing isn't dangerous and I hope its not mad. I've run into bears before and it was a feeling like that in the sense of, "Ok, let me be cool so I get out of this without getting hurt".I had no signal of threat now that I look back at it, how could you know though really? But, it defiantly wanted to head in the direction I was going and I felt like it didn't want ANYTHING to do with me. Which is weird, because I almost feel like it wanted my attention at the same time. Why else throw something at me? I mean, I didn't see it **** back and throw something, but what else could it of been? It was fairly heavy and it hit my back. It would be a surprising coincidence. 

The thing that really sold me is when I saw the hot air coming out of the nostrils, not its mouth, its nose. Its speed didn't increase, it just kept its eyes on me and kept moving. It didn't even look where it was going, which for me would be impossible in this terrain. It did seem like it had a sense of urgency though. I was freaked out. To be completely honest, I didn't want to make any sudden movements at all. My only thought was let this thing go on its way. It got off to about my 3 o'clock and started moving away from me in the direction I was driving before this happened. When It got a good distance away, I started having trouble seeing it. Thats when I reversed on the 4 wheeler and went to turn around. I feel like as I was turning around, its paced picked up. I can't be sure though, because at this point it was very difficult to see it distinctly. I was losing line of sight on it.

I never thought this to be possible and still its playing with my mind. How could there be something so large and so sought after that we have zero substance to really prove its existence. What the hell? This is just boggling my mind. This event took place this past weekend.

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