Bin Laden Blaming U.S for Global Warming

It seems that the long time hardcore American killing machine has a soft side to him after all. Osama Bin Laden widely known as the Leader of the 9/11 attacks, killer of his own people, and president of his little terror organisations suddenly exposed his soft side. He now cares about the environment and global change. He blames America for climate change and wants the rest of the world to boycott American goods because of this.

It seems the Poppy seeds are not growing in the fucking desert he is living in anymore because of no rain, and he wants to blame America for no money coming in from the drugs he and his organizations used to sell. Now he will have to take up being a pimp and selling his camels for sex to ass hungry Arabs.

Seems like Taliban currency is loosing it's value to the dollar dramatically since Bin Laden also told the rest of the world to stop using American currency.

Bin Laden lives in the rocky deserts between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it seems Global Warming is impacting his life so much he just had to send a complaint.

Uploaded 01/29/2010
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