the nature of biological organisms is such that they seem designed not for harmony balance laws reason or fairness but only survival, indeed thier mechanisms can be downright eficient in the suffering they cause or what they manipulate for survival. it seems almost random but it is in fact just eficient. whatever proves to make something survive will streangthen. all else will fail. and this is only because survival and breeding create further existence. further existence being the concept at hand. there is clearly no hand at work here, no plan and no laws to the ways of beings, only the elimination of what does not survive. Even for humans there are mechanisms that have no law and no mercy, only eficiency. our emotions adjust downward, both positive and negative to keep us moving. we overestimate the impacts of events and situations. we believe a situation will make us happier for longer or sadder for longer then it ever does. it might do so in a void, but our bio machine is designed well to keep survival going. if hapiness were tolerated we would not continue to strive for anything and if sadness were tolerated we would despair. the mechanisms and chemical processes were designed to prevent this. our emotions even are a part of this. all of them created and controlled by chemical reactions. all our pleasure and joy merely a chemical reward, an electrical impulse, a mechanism designed to keep us going. none of it real our very personalities, just the balance of chemicals, the combination of what is preserved in memory both conscious and unconscious, that also merely chemical. our natures and tendancies very much controlled by genetic predeterminations. everything we do, wish to do, feel compelled to do, just part of this machine. we are tracing along a pathway the machine of our physical existence has created. as we trace along it we are helpless. distracted and medicated by our chemical reactions, seeking this falsity called hapiness, despairing so much over the unfair reality that we have but one brief existence that we seek meaning and purpose or comfort that we will continue. all of it just the pathway, just the reactions, all of it the creation of our bio machine. we are slaves to it, and even our perceved free will is just doing it's mandates. perhaps there is no hope...other then that we may not be this machine. if we are anything else, if we are something but this machine, then we are the passanger and not the machine itself. it seems posible, even likely that we are the machine itself, but if we are not then we are identifying falsely with it. all we feel and are compelled to do we indentify as ourselves, but if we are not the machine then as a seperate entity we can be free of it. we can observethe machinations of this bio machine and we can feel as we wish to feel, comand the machine to do as we wish it to. emotionsa re not real of course, but if it is non existent then our true self is at peace and we can feel this peace. the absence of feeling. it's in there...perhaps.

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