Birds out of the Blue

So today in Arkansas there apparently was a massive bird die off (over 5,000) red winged black birds the news described it as something akin to a horror movie. "The footage I viewed was  indeed movie like in it's bizarre and surreal appearance. 
The experts believe that it may have been caused by a lightning strike or high level hail but are still not sure what caused it.. They did take samples to wherever they take them for testing.

Almost immediately following that there was a report of a massive fish kill (100,000 fish) on   a river north of the bird thing in the same state.

Is this a sign of the end of days? 
I don't know but it could very well be although I couldn't find one word about Arkansas in the bible anywhere.
Could it be Narwhals? It's possible but not very likely (they are not very aerodynamic and possess poor flight characteristics) So the fish, yes, the birds, I don't think so.
Could it be Justin Beiber? that is always possible
I don't know and am waiting to find out but I consulted Rock and got no response (he just sat there like a rock)

Any Ideas anyone?

Contemplating my navel
Uploaded 01/03/2011
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