Blabbering, That's all it is.

It's intresting how when Sarah Palin became McCain's Vice President how the media loved her, made her as if sent by a higher power (lol), and now she is portryed in a total opposite light. The media must all have their head's crammed up their asses. But people still watch and believe the news, me personaly i like to smoke a fat ass blunt and watch lou dobbs talk shit about everyone. I Also like when a big event happens, e.g. famous death, war, ect. how you turn the news on and that's all they are talking about and in a week you never hear anything about it ever again. It makes you kinda wonder is the world and our economy really all that bad? Or is it just the media getting everyone hyped up? Yeah sure, gas prices are high, but is everything really all that bad? You can always get a job, i don't care who you are, somewhere someone will hire you to do some type of job. Check the paper out. This time we live in being called nothing close to recession. You have food in your fridge and a toilet to take a shit, and your reading this on a computer, with internet.

But who know's, i'm just high and wanted to type a little.






Uploaded 10/26/2008
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