Black Families a waitress story

So...time for the story of the day from your favorite waitress!!!


M.Kay (named changed for her sake) and I got a table of 8 black people last night. Despite all the negative experiences I've had with black families, I always go in with a positive attitude and still try to give the best service that I can.


Normally I know how black families are. They run the waitress crazy and always need more refills (but so do teenagers). I know that not every black family is like this but more often than not, they live up to the stereotype. Blacks tend to tip about 5%- 10% less than any other race. Again, it's not all. I actually had a black middle-aged couple come in on my day shift. I did my best and they tipped me 20% which was like 7 dollars. I was really surprised and it inspired me even more.


Anyway, M.Kay was the leader of the table and I was the runner. It was two women and like 7 kids. They had a bit of an attitude but nothing I, as a waitress, can't deal with. I really didn't have anything to do with the check and of course at the end, they had a problem with their bill. So we got that all fixed up for them and added gratuity. Well, when they were leaving, they wanted some cheesecake. I went into the back to get it for them. Jesus, what could happen while I was gone? Right...


Apparently another waitress (I'll call her T) didn't like the look these black ladies were giving her and over heard them calling M.Kay racist and asked them about their "attitude". This is where the ladies could have shown their good side but instead, they showed their ghetto/black trash side. They went off on T, calling her "racist" and everything like that- making a scene for the whole restaurant.

Yelling, "I want to see a manager."

A passing hostess asked if she could help the ladies and they responded with, "are you the manager? I didn't think so. How could you help us? Seriously? Go get your manager!" (Which I thought was incredibly rude considering the hostess just wanted to help and be nice.)

Finally my manager came out. The two women looked shocked as hell to see the manager was black. :-D There's no race card now. So the ladies were going on and on about how T "should apologize". My manager just looks at them and says, "for what? she did nothing wrong." God love him, he is the best manager- it is rare to find a manager that protects his waitresses. Well, the ladies left screaming about "if the kids weren't here, I'd kick your ass! All of you are racist!" She even threatened to wait for T outside to "kick her ass". They waited outside for like 10 minutes but must have given up. The manager called corporate and gave them a heads up about what happened so T wouldn't get into trouble.


Good thing I added gratuity. M.Kay and I earn 10 dollars each. Happy ending for all. T walked out with us other girls who would kick anyone's ass who messed with her. Be warned, waitresses may bitch at one another when we're bored but when a greater enemy comes into the equation, we are like the power rangers- no one fucks with any of us or there's hell to pay.

On a side note, why are black families so mean to their children? They practically beat their children at the table. Not to mention the role they are setting for their children- going around the restaurant calling waitresses racist.

So, that was my night. Left with 80 dollars for 5 hours. It was a good night.



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