Blame It On Yourself

Oh for fucks sake, you are offended by something someone has done that you have no control over. Watch out b/c you are jelly, chad and offended so that must mean there is some extremely more relevant validity in your opinion compared to mine and others. Well, on behalf of the logical, i must tell you to fuck off.....but you can stay if you are objective. My wife wants an abortion, who are you to tell us what to do? Holy fuck, you smoke weed??? then it will be no time before you are addicted to crack. and you do/don't believe in god? well let me tell you how worthless you are with my irrelevant opinion and then tell facebook. don't forget to tweet your redundant, futile, primitive ideologies on the rest of us! But wait! This subjective asshole just watched 2016 AND 'The Innocence of Muslims', allow them to extoll their well thought out and researched opinion on how everyone else is wrong. You may drink PBR b/c you like it, others assume you are a hipster. PBR came way before the hipster but overgeneralization works best when assuming shit. When growing up, if mom and dad gave you a math book every sunday and you went to worship the math god of math books and math, on said sunday, then you would believe math was your creator! Why are you only empathetic when it's convenient for you?
Uploaded 10/15/2012
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