Blast Billiards vs. Blast Billiards 2008

     Recently, eBaumsworld put a new game from the same makers of Blast Billiards which is Blast Billiards 2008, a newer version of the first Blast Billiards.  When I read the comments, I get mixed feelings on the game saying that it's either an improvement from the first one or that they like the old game better.  Each version has its pros and cons in design, gameplay, and difficulty.  In the first Blast Billiards, you had ten levels available to play, the same as Blast Billiards 2008, if you reached that far.  When you shoot the pool balls, it's easier to get them in the pockets and the balls roll slower and stop quicker than the newer game.  The design in the first one is more simple but its straightforward to the user.  In the first Blast Billiards, it was much easier to get a higher score and to complete more levels than in Blast Billiards 2008.  In the newer game, more time is wasted waiting for the balls to stop and to aim your shots more accurately.  To me, it's more frustrating just trying to line up the perfect shot and to get past the first five levels.  In my opinion, I like the first Blast Billiards game because it's simple, more fun to play, and easier to get higher scores for tournaments, personal bests, and so on.  The debate continues on but I'll leave the decision of which version is the better game to you. 

Uploaded 05/07/2008
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