When i wrote that blog last night,there was no main point.I am just amazed that even after a victory,the hatred is so deep it clouds your judgement.I was told to keep it short and more people,more young people in-fact will read it.I wish i could keep it short,but i can't,so please read on.It doesn't matter why we are over there,were there.Since we are over there and we did declare war,then fight it to win.Wall boy helped to prove we are winning in iraq.He is absolutely right when he said there are less deaths in afghanistan.That is why the men and woman who are over there are thanking the ones that came before them.They paid the price and cleared the way.That is how war is fought.There is probably hundreds of reasons to be there.I think that is exactly where we need to be.If we are truly friends of Israel,then we can not allow a country that hates Jews so much,and is constantly talking about the total destruction of Israel and don,t forget the nuclear "POWER PLANT" but unless you are as stupid as a rock, we know it's actually for weapons grade plutonium.Should we allow another holocaust, because that's exactly where it's going.The hatred for bush won't let you see that."GOD BLESS OUR WARRIORS" you say bring them home,i say they are exactly where they know that they should be.Let us not forget they are volunteers,they are the best of us.I am sure that everyone of them lie there in the dark of night wishing they were any place but there.Then they get up after a short rest,and fight the good fight.If Iran isn't a good enough reason, how about we had to take out a leader that was killing his own people.What about a group of extremist that have come from every part of that region and banded together and murdered 3,000 of hour innocent Americans they are every where,but as the old saying goes you have to start somewhere.President George W. Bush chose there to start.For those of you that won,t fight for that ,what would you fight for?There are some people that HATE us so much,so much so that they will kill you in your sleep.You know the hatred I'm talking about the same hatred you have for Bush.So go ahead and hate him so much that you can't even see what's going on right in front of your eyes.So sleep well tonight."SHAME ON YOU"."GOD BLESS AMERICA" I'm so proud but I'm also ashamed of all of us!    

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