People come to the blog section for many reasons.   Some people like to read, some people like to complain, some like to be poetic, some people like to troll, some people come here to get a good laugh.   Regardless of your reasons, if you're new around these parts, I have some information that you might find useful, and would really appreciate you considering.

There are many misconceptions regarding our small blogging community here on ebaums.  Here's some:

We comment and upload content that is similar to that on the Home page.   In reality many of us do not visit the home page because of the content and comments there, and the ones who do, have a clear understanding between the vast difference between the two sections.   I suggest reading a few blogs before you assume to know what we're all about. 

The blogs there are boring.  There is a demand for different blogs than what is already there. 
Although you may find the blogs here boring... the regular bloggers don't.... obviously... that's why we are regular bloggers.  If you don't see it here often, then that means we do not approve of it, or have a desire to talk about it.    If none of our topics appeal to you, then maybe this isn't the blog community for you.  For example... video games.  You won't find too many World or Warcraft reviews or game guides because that's not what we here are interested in. BUT if you go to a World or Warcraft fan site, you'll find it.... there's no need to try and insert that here.  It's not safe to assume that we "just haven't thought of writing about it yet" and that you'd be a genius to think of it first.  Either you like the blogs that are here, and want to write ones that are similar, or you don't like them, and should find a community that shares the same interests as you.

We are like many other social networks that are tools used to conduct idle chit chat, interactive chain posts, and making friends.   If you're here to talk about your new shoes... something fucked up better of happened at the mall, otherwise we don't give a shit.   We don't care if you prefer Pepsi over Coke, unless you're willing to share your story about how someone shoved a coke can up your ass, and you've never been able to drink it since.   We want meaning.  You know... articles that grab our interest and make us think.   It's more about sharing our views, getting advice, discussing controversy, sharing new information that matters, than it is about making friends and maintaining an online social life.  Many of us here have facebook accounts, and use meebo.  There is a time and place for everything... organization and understanding of that, is appreciated.

We are nice people who are lenient and accommodating.   We have standards.  We are not going to give someone credit for a blog that was written in five seconds.... no matter what it's about.   Many of us put a lot of effort into our work.  We use grammar, and write as if we want people to read and understand it.    The fact that you don't care what you put out, does not mean that we shouldn't either.   We will, whether you like it or not, hold grammar and proper writing structure to a high importance... and we will ignore the very point of your blog if you choose to be lazy.   If you don't like it, go back to expressing yourself on Twitter, where there is a maximum amount of characters you can use, opposed to the minimum required here.

I want to post a bunch of bullshit blogs so I can get eBones.  (Thanks for bringing this one up Bisher)  Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are far easier ways to get ereps or whatever you kids like to call them these days...  If you haven't noticed, blogs don't get featured... I think there was like one or two in the history of EBW.  If you want to get any prizes from EBW you'll need to have featured media, or years to devote to commenting and uploading media.  You're much better off just copying porn and uploading it in the mature section.  That shit get's tons of views... way more than 99 percent of the blogs here, anyways.  And... believe it or not we are pretty vigilant about outright spam. The people who come here, come here often and view all of the new blogs as it's posted... it won't slip by us, it will be flagged, and it will probably get deleted within a few hours. 

You can and thus should post videos and pictures here.   EBW has a video and picture section, where you can post a video, photo, or photo gallery with a short description.   Therefore it is spam to post videos and photos with short descriptions (that would easily fit into the description box provided when uploaded pics or videos in their correct categories) here.  Wrong category... simple as that.  However, it is ok to add a video or picture to a blog as visual tools to support the topic of the blog... as long as the topic of the blog isn't the picture or the video... that's why we have that option.    For example, it's not ok to post a video of you and your dog saying "This is me and my dog" as a blog... something like that should be posted as a video in the video section.   However if you write an entire blog about your cat (how you adopted it, weird shit it does, etc etc), and include a video of your cat, that's fine. 

Trolling is as easy to do here as it is anywhere else.   Just because you don't see as many trolls here as other places does not mean that the blog section is virgin soil for your troll roots to grow.   You are not the first to spam, you're not the first to pretend to be playing a trick on us after we reject your input.  We've seen it all before.   We will shatter your game plan into a million little pieces and send them back to you, signed, sealed, delivered... sometimes before you even think of pulling the troll card.    If there is anywhere on this site that you will find someone smarter and wittier than you, it's the blog section.  Do not underestimate our intellect.   If you are up to the challenge, please try us... just don't get all sad when things don't work out as well as you planned... no matter how original you think your plan is. 

There are lots of different kind of people visiting the blog section every day.    We are actually a pretty small community of under 20 regular bloggers.   This means that the same people who read and commented on your first blog, will be there reading and commenting on your second.   It's not like a public broadcast where you don't know who's reading.  It's more like having a few people on facebook reading your daily status.   We're the only audience you got here bud....  if you don't appeal to us 20 or so frequents, there's a good chance that you won't fit in here at all.   It can only help you to read our blogs, and to get to know us the best you can.  We're not going anywhere, and we're not about to let outsiders ruin our hang-out of sorts.    We're like a biker bar.  Not a biker? Not welcome.   Someone new coming here trying to change anything would be like ordering a Mocafrappuccino at a truck stop diner.   It's not going to happen.... and if it looks like it might... I wouldn't be quick to assume that we didn't spit in it before we gave it to you. 

 For those of you who made it through initiation or accepted me as one of the regulars,  I love you guys!   The blog section would suck donkey dick without you!
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