Hello BlogMod here, I know we've let the blogs go in the last few weeks, I was appointed to help clean it up. This was once a thriving communitiy, and now every other blog is some sort of Spam.

I'm hoping I can work with the users on here to help stop spam blogs, If you see something that needs my attention, feel free to shoot me a PM.




Of course it has to be 256 characters long. If you can't think of something to say that does not meet the requirements, DON'T POST! If I see a two sentence blog and a bunch of filler characters ex: 294040927409240294 INEED 256CHARACTERS!!!!!11one . It will be deleted. Use your brain and think of something decent to say and everything will be fine. Don't waste my time.


Racism: If I see Racism in a blog. I will delete your blog and give you a warning. This isn't baseball. TWO strikes and you're out!


Hate Blogs: I have not seen any of these which is good. But if I see a hate blog directed at any user. It will be deleted, and I will give a warning, and next time you will be terminated.


Erep Blogs: We all love ereps, but if I see someone obviously posting random blogs for the ereps I will delete them.


Copy/Paste: If you have something interesting to post, go for it. I would like to see some writing by you at the bottom, maybe give your opinion on the subject.


Jokes: We have a section for it. Use it.


Impostor Accounts: Please don't. It's lame, and no one finds it funny. I will terminate you on the spot, and ban your IP from creating anymore accounts. Don't be an idiot.


Flagging Media: Please don't flag media just because you don't like someone. I have at least 300 blogs I need to sort through just to get to the current flagged media. If you see something that you think needs my attention. Feel free to Flag it. I will review it and take whatever action is needed.


I have authority in the blogs. Comments & Blogs in this section. Just because you use racist terms in the comments of a blog, does not mean I won't comment ban you.


So don't spam, or just be an idiot in general and you should be fine. Now let's get to having some fun. Post something that has happened in the past, or something important that's going on with your life right now. I'm really looking forward to interacting with the users on this site


Also I will be trying to get this blog stickied. So no one has an excuse to post any sort of spam or inappropriate blog.



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