Blunts or Joints....Decisions, decisions....

Now when most oof us go to smoke, we are hit with the question, Blunt or Joint. For myself, i prefer a nice roled blunt.cWhat can i say, i grew up in a town with a lot of black kids. But i know most white people enjoy joints. Both have there positives and negatives so lets take a look.

Sure a blunt has some negatives (the slobbery, saliva leaf you wrap around it, having to spend $1.50 on a dutch everytime you want to smoke) but to me, they burn slower if rolled right and are just a good, chill thing to smoke our bud out of. Kind of like smoking a cigar. You can get a bunch of people high with them because they burn nice and slow. What i like to do and i know im probably in the minority is rolla blunt and smoke it out of the bong. You get the fresh hit from a bong but your still smoking a blunt at the same time. That to me is the best thing to do.

But then you got joints. Spend $4 and you got a years supply of papers, it takes less weed then a blunt, and is just super conveniant. You dont have to take the leaf off, gut it, and put it back together. Everything is just there and ready to go. However, and this might be because i will admit, im not the best joint roller ( but when it comes to blunts, untouchable), whenever i go to light up a joint, 25% of the time it ignites in my hand and goes on fire.(Lately  have reduced that number to about 10%, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!)  Now i assume im just an idiot and thats fine but thats one of the things that turns me off on joints. Also, and once again this is probably because im not great with joints, they go out like every 2 minutes. A blunt will stay lit in a tornado even if nobodys hitting it.


So i ask you, what do you fancy, the relaxing blunt or the conveniant, quick joint?  And im sure theres that solid percent that enjoys smoking out of their bowl and thats fine too, but for me pipes and bowls kind of suck.

Uploaded 05/20/2009
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