as fans know him by is the bad boy of country and I am going to tell you a true story about ole Hank. In 1949 or maybe 1950 the Grand old Opry fired Hank Senior because of drinking and drugging and this really ripped him apart. Flash forward to the mid 70's and Hank Jr. gets invited to the BIG SHOW, yes he gets his invitation to the Grand Ole Opry. At this time there was a war going on in Nashville between the so called Outlaw singers like Waylon Jennings and Willie and lets not forget Marshal Tucked band and where one of the biggest names in country music would land was not settled yet because you have to remember ole bocephus had 3 songs in the top 40 country and 8 albums in the charts (this has not been equaled yet) Hank had not played much since his fall off Ajax Mountain and Nashville had not seen him in all his glory yet but when the curtain opened up on all the stiff collared "country folk" Ole Bocephus was standing on top of the piano with his long duster on and he broke into La Grange (song by ZZ top) jumped down and let it rip and when he was done he dropped his guitar on the stage and said that is for daddy.   This is the moment I became a fan of a true KISS MY ASS performer.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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