Whatever happened to a time when entire lives were not dictated by routine? Better yet, has there ever been a time when routine was not the foundation of life? Don't get me wrong, a little predictability feels comfortable and everything, and I'd probably be lost without some of my daily routines, but every aspect of my life is pretty much planned to a T, not including the random and tiny variables that give my life the little excitement it has. I don't know, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm not the "live life to the fullest" kinda guy, but it certainly would be something to hop out of this rut and do something worth doing, you know? And It probably doesn't help that instead of putting effort into doing something fun and entertaining, I've decided to whine about it (granted the night leaves little else to do when you're without a car and some money). Perhaps it's time I made more of an effort to beat the social norm of routine and boredom, jump into a life of spontaneity and excitement known only to the few who sought it out and found it. But how, I ask myself, can I do such a thing when I've failed to do so in the past? To that, I say to myself "that's a pretty damn good question...I'll get back to you on that." With my imagination on the fritz and no effort on my part to fix it, I'm left to mercy of time to determine whether or not I am worthy of a brand new life (the odds say "hell no").

Blog officially written, 3 minutes of my life well-spent

Uploaded 02/18/2011
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