Boring stuff unless you care ABOUT us.....

I remember the word "change" and that is all we heard when Obama ran for president and we all found out it was just an illusion. People were so mad at Bush we all lost sight of the most important thing and that is our nation needs to come together and Obama is not the key and I dont blame him because there is plenty of blame to go around. This whole health care we are tired of talking about is just the edge of something a lot sharper and it cuts deeper. We as a nation only seem to come together when we are attacked or we are involved in a just war, if a just war is even possible. It just seems to me we are being pulled apart in several different directions and its all because of a few LOUD groups and no I am not talking about democrats or republicans, I am talking about the splinter groups within each party with their own agendas and they are loud enough to get the attention when most of us are right in the middle. The old saying goes that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and it is especially true in politics. and It appears that the people who are making the noise about the health care issue are spread out with a whole lot of republicans, there are still a lot of people who sit right in the middle. Now we have all these loud mouth noisy individuals who are just scared to death of this issue, does Obama (not his errand boys) come out and tell exactly what the supposed bill means? No, he goes around to small groups and has town hall meetings, have you ever told a story to a group of people and go back later and have several differnt takes on the same story? If you have an answer to the health care problem be the honest and forthright person you said you would be and EXPLAIN it. What is the latest answer to all the noise? Well somebody is bringing in hired guns to attend the town hall meetings and see if they can out shout the other group, when are they going to understand that the small groups are just that SMALL, TALK to rest of us who are listening and then maybe we wont think you are hiding something.

I am sorry about bringing this up again but when I heard about the latest technique used by the Dem's, sorry used by somebody, it just made me want to puke. My question goes out to Nancy (Satan) Pelosi, if the people who are making all the noise now are un-American right wing crazies (or was that left wing) then what are the new loud mouths going to be called? Mr. Obama you said you were going to bring this country together and you cant even reach across the aisle.


Thanks for reading (pissed as hell) Bohank


Uploaded 08/27/2009
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