Brain surgery.......

My old lady had to do brain surgery, let me give you some background on my old lady. She is a very educated woman who had worked in Medical research until the money dried up and she took a job at the airport doing a customer service job making pretty good money.

Last weekend she was gone and when she came in I was standing with credit card bill in hand ready to BITCH her out, how could she charge 400.00 on my credit card and not tell me. Just as soon as she entered the door I showed her the bill and as I was standing there in my I am better than you stance I demanded to know why????????????? She looked at me and started roaring with laughter, I was now steaming and waiting when she pointed out that I was the one who charged tires for the car at doering ave (that was all the charge said). Well I stood as tall as anyone could in this moment and looked her RIGHT SMACK IN THE EYES and asked "so how was your trip" nice recovery, think she noticed my quick change of subject?

Oh yea the brain surgery?? I slipped and slid on my hardwood floors and got a splinter in my ass and she had to take it out.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/22/2009
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