Breastfeeding is not an Option, It is a Choice

Youve already notice in each branded tin cans of leading formulated milk that breast milk is still best for babies. For a first time mom, breastfeeding is harder than you can imagine. A moms breast swells a bit for the first timers and swells even more for the second and third time around. The truth is there is no solution about the swelling. Accept the mere fact that is you must, extremely, get used to it. No more, no less.

Breastfeeding is the first interaction made by the mother and the new born baby. It is advised to practice it from 6 months up to two years. Breast milk has all the nutrients that baby needs. From colostrum down to whey proteins, the baby is benefited as well as the mother too. An internal wound caused by delivering a baby is easily healed just by breastfeeding. These will reflect all in positive outcome if the mothers health is also in good condition.

I do practiced breastfeeding with my son for two years and four months.

My Benefits Include:

    No hassle of preparing milk formula late at night because I am always at my babys side and my breast are always ready to provide milk anytime at no extra cost. We can rest together and sleep together.
    Less diaper usage because breastfed babies that are naturally fed with mothers milk pee seldom rather than babies used to milk formulas.
    Breastfeeding secures bonding between me and my son. Whenever Im breastfeeding, he always sweat a lot as if he is drinking hot milk, isnt that healthy?
    I have no worries about his poop. He never suffered diarrhea, not even a single chance until now hes eight years old.
    When Im on the go, Im never disturbed with lots of baby things stacked in the baby bag. Why? No baby bottles, milk measurements, distilled water etc.
    All I have to do is carry my baby with care and sit anywhere when he wants to get breastfed. Im not ashamed, after all breasts are given to us women in order to feed our child naturally.

So embrace breastfeeding as much as possible. It is given to us, mommies, to provide our children the nutrients they need in the most possible and healthy way.

Uploaded 10/26/2011
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