Bring Your Dog to Work

  I brought my dog to work with me today.  Well, one of the three that I have.  The dog looks like an Ewok.  Sounds cute right?  I thought so too.  Until I got the little pain in the ass in the car.  She howelled and wined all the way to work.  I drive the 30 minutes to the first stop.  Then the little bitch (it's a girl dog) decided it would be a good time to puke on the front seat.  Stinky little fucker.

  After cleaning up the puke, I went in to check on my Soldiers and hold first formation.  The dog barked and cried so loud, I could hear her outside my car.  Some of my Soldiers wanted to see the dog.  I opened the door and the bitch jumped out and ran all over the parking lot.  Thanks a ton to that little shit.

  I finally get her back in the car and drive to my office.  I had no problems walking her through the front doors.  Then it came time to use the stairs.  She wanted nothing to do with that.  I noticed that there was a lot more weight on the leash.  The litte shit was just sitting there at the bottom of the stairs.  I had to go back and carry her up the stairs.

  I got her inside, finally.  She had a good time running around and visiting people.  I was standing at the clerk's counter doing some paperwork.  I look down and swear that my dog is sitting there and smiling at me.  Then a smell began to waft through the room.  I looked down and saw a pile of shit the size of a Nerf football.  How in the hell can a little dog shit so much?  After cleaning it up, the smell lingered for a bit.  I just hope that my boss doesn't decide to drop by with that smell  hanging in the air (or to catch me wasting work time on ebaum's).

  Now you may ask why I brought my dog to work with me (I'm asking myself the same fucking thing).  I thought it would be a good idea.  My pug did well on Monday.  The lab did well the week before.  Not this little pain in the ass. 

  To recap, she's puked and shit.  I'm going to take her out as much as possible to make sure that she doesn't piss in my office to.  FUCK!  To late.  The bitch just pissed under my desk.  Next time you want to bring a dog to work with you, don't.

Uploaded 03/31/2010
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