Bringing Ebaums Back?

As iJUSTpooped pointed out in his blog, this website isn't what it used to be. While I disagree about users uploading crap nowadays, I have to admit that the admins choose some of the worst uploads for main page. I have no idea what happened. In 2010 this website was filled with great galleries and funny clips. What do you see now?

* open the Just Submitted videos page. What do you see? The same clip uploaded 5 times by different users on the same day. One of them will most likely get featured in a few days. It's a repost from digg or break or another humor website. After a few hundreds of people already watched it there, it's gonna show up on Ebaumsworld's main page.

* open the Featured Clips page. What do you see? The same users getting featured. Those are the users who are in favors with the mods. You see people who uploaded hundreds of clips and none of them ever got featured. It's easier to feature the suck ups than having to go through a bunch of interesting clips users shared.

* the nepotism on this site is striking. Did you see the 2 star clip about the tattoo parlor in San Francisco? Someone taped a guy to a pole just to have a reason to advertize his buddies' tattoo parlor in a desperate attempt at being... what, funny? Is it a coincidence that Ebaumsworld headquarters is located in Frisco?

I don't have to say this in a blog, because that's what the comment section in the features is for. Read the complaints from other users there. By taking the easy way and featuring random clips, just because friends of mods uploaded them, the staff risks complaints. Putting old clips on the main page or featuring GIF galleries 3 times a week might lead to users finding different humor sites.

It's very simple. This site doesn't get as many views as Break or College Humor. I know a Polish humor website that gets more views than you. And there's a bunch of humor sites in Poland. Poland!!!!! We still have trouble figuring out how electricity works. Not to mention lightbulbs. How the hell do you change those? A gallery gets 400 000 views on a Polish website. And it's in Polish. So only Polacks go there. Ebaumsworld is worldwide. Compared to Break or College Humor, which get millions, you are a failure. You almost never feature original content. And when you do it's usually some unfunny clip.

I'm not a hater. I like this website, but I rarely watch the clips here. It's the feature comments or the blogs here that keep me entertained when I'm at work and want to have a good laugh. The clips are either another kid falling off a skateboard onto his face or were already posted elsewhere. Usually both. Think about it, Ebaumsworld staff. The numbers don't lie.
Uploaded 09/21/2011
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