Brought a diffrent dog to work

  As you know, I brought my dog to work yesterday.  That dog was a pain in the ass.  Now, this past Monday, I brought my pug to work.  He was pretty cool.  He just sat with me and didn't do much.  Quite the lap dog.

  Today, I decided to bring my lab to work today.  I started off by getting my uniform on.  I had the lab follow me downstairs.  I leave my boots by the door, so as not to track mud or other stuff through the house.  I put them on and looked at my lab.  I asked him if he wanted to go for a ride.  His ears perked up and he looked at me as if I'd given him the best news ever.  Then he got really excited and started to prance around (if you've read Marley and Me, you know about the way that labs dance).

  I opened the front door and he bolted out.  He stopped to take a piss on a snow drift.  Then the stood by my car wagging his tail so much that his whole back side was wiggling.  I opened the car door and he jumped right in.  He went from the backseat to sit shotgun with me.  I opened the window and went to work.

  I got to my office and he jumped out.  The lab sniffed around and found three places to piss.  After opening the front door, he ran inside.  The first thing he did was go and visit with some of my Soldiers that were downstairs.  He followed me up to my office and had a seat on my couch.

  Another one of my Soldiers saw him come in and called him to her.  He's been running around and visiting people.  He's been wagging his tail and shedding all over the place.  When I had to leave, I put him in my office and shut the door.  He just quietly sat in my office.  He hasn't taken a shit nor a piss in any part of the office.

  This is a complete 180 from yesterday.  So, when you do decide to take your dog to work, just make sure it's a well behaved dog.


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