Building a Stone Wall for the Rich and Famous.

I unwittingly took on the challenge of building a natural stone wall in the backyard of the rich and famous. Materials and labor will exceed my budget, but the challenge, the knowledge gained and knowing it will stand a hundred years makes it worthwhile, so I tell myself.

As it turned out, the two days my son and I will carry, cut and lay the stones, will be the same two days that will set heat records in my area. Today was brutal as we laid out and set the first two courses. It took us five and a half hours and I'm proud to say, it is gorgeous. The rocks are sedimentary and the grain resembles a finely woven gray pinstriped suit. The faces are smooth to coarse, blending the different types is necessary or you might end up with large smooth areas and large rough areas. I placed the coarse stones as corner stones, so they stand out.

The customer has gone on vacation while I complete the work. I went there thinking no one would be around. Was I wrong! The backyard is gorgeous as my son and I rebuilt and refinished the gazebo and out buildings. A beautiful in ground pool surrounded by luscious plants adorn the site.
As we entered through the gates there were a throng of people doing a photo shoot. Bikini clad models where strutting and posing.

A few noticed us and sweetly said, "You guys must be the wall guys"?  While we were working up a sweat, these lovely young ladies were bringing us smoothies and fresh fruit. On one hand I felt like an Egyptian slave worker hauling heavy stones and on the other, I was like King Tut, being waited on by lovely ladies.

One exotic black lady from Ethiopia was especially attentive and amused by our conversation. I tried not to stare at her charms and she was amused as I struggled.

When it came time to fit the corners of the wall, stone sawing was needed. When you dry cut stone with a diamond blade the dust literally pours out large plumes into the air covering everything around it and down wind from it.  I located myself in a wind tunnel so that the dust would blow away from the photo shoot. Still after a couple of saw cuts, I was stone face Johnny, and my hair was like steel wool.

The photo shoot ended at about twelve noon and my Ethiopian girlfriend gave me a big hug before she left. I was awestruck  and thanked her for her friendly demeanor.  She slowly walked away, my eyes fell like tombstones toward her lovely bottom.  She glanced back to catch me and let out an adorable laugh.

My son looked on as this wonderful moment transpired. He appeared amused and confused. He looked at me and said, "This is bullshit"!  Blushingly, I agreed.

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