Bullshit for a Cause!

There are always good causes to work towards, like equality for women, helping poor people or protecting vulnerable animals. Then there are causes that become ideologically based, for example the eradication of religion, especially Christian based ones. And of course, there is the war on terrorism which is geopolitical. 

In all these examples we can all find and know of bullshit stories that were fabricated to enhance the political fervour that would give the government and it's agencies the will and the power to fight for the cause. Yes, and those who would try to curtail these causes would also use bullshit to mislead the public.

This type of manipulation, when carried out to extreme, which seems to be the tactic of the day, from my observations, have only created more damage to all sides and has not in any way made for a better world. From weapons of mass destruction to how Jennifer Lawrence became the poster child for anorexia through a fake GIF. Nothing good ever comes out of bullshit, that is why it stinks!

A recent example involves a seriously ill young lady of thirty years who has a very rare genetic disease. If she gets pregnant it could be very dangerous for her and the child. To avoid this situation she wants a tubal ligation. All the doctors, except one refuses to do it based on her current health, the risks involved and her young age. The doctor that agreed to do it, only has license to do surgery in a Catholic Hospital, which prohibits sterilization. 

So what's the headline for the story and what is the cause?  "Toronto hospital denies potential life-saving surgery on religious grounds". Somehow the idea that most doctors agree it's the wrong thing to do under the circumstances, it's somehow the fault of religion she can't have the surgery. Here's an idea lady, use condoms or if you are like most selfish people, if you do become pregnant, get an abortion or is that against your moral value system? 

I really loathe these types of lies and manipulations for causes steeped in bigotry and hate.

Uploaded 10/06/2012
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