im the kid that punched ya face in, i was the kid that made you cry. i was the kid that picked on you and made you want to die. if you saw me coming i know you'll want to run, cos you know you will be bleeding before im even done. i stole all your lunch i stole all your hate, and after school you knew i was gonna wait. you stand there wimperin, you think ill feel pity. but your just a suburban kid, im from the city. i dont need the other bullys to give you a good kickin, there just here to call you a chicken. fight me, ill give you a chance, one hand behind my back, come on attack. of course you dont, they never do, you think i only pick on you? you go home to your momma crying, you dare not tell her that inside your dying. you smile and make them think its all ok, even though you fear me every single day.

so i lay here now, 30 years later. im the guy that smells in the escalator. down on my luck, do anything for a buck, beer cans thrown at me with no time to duck. i cruise the school where i used to be king, to curse and fart and to search through the bin. little kids kick me and tell me i smell, the ironic humiliation that adds to my hell. your a doctor now, you drive past me on the street, im sure you would piss your pants if were ever to meet. but you've got your nice car and you got you nice wife, you got all the things i wanted in life. shall i say im sorry, that i knew i did wrong. that really i loved you, all along. no of course not, you think im a queer? i did it because i like to domineer. your humiliation was my pleasure your pain was my leisure, your cries was my X Box, your wimpers my Reebox. you wanted to hear my story, what made me so bad, the truth is that bullying you, was the greatest power i ever had.
Uploaded 08/22/2011
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