Bum writing.

Almost every girl on this planet owns a pair of track pants that say SOMETHING on the ass. Even I do, All mine says though is the name of my school because its "spirit wear". It kind of grosses me out though when you see little girls who haven't even hit puberty yet walking around in jeans that say "hottie" or "lil' Devil" ON the ass. That is jsut asking for molestation. You are making your childs ass a giant sex advertisement for pedophiles. I dont really even agree with grown women wearing track pants that say that on the ass because if some guy were to say "hi, nice ass" they would get all angry and freak out wodnering why they would ever look at their ass. Hmmm I dont know because you put giant bold hot pink letters across fatt ass!

I seriously think though people should stop making clothing for kids that even adults shouldnt wear in public. I was at the ebach once and a little 4 year old girl ran by me in a string bikini. I wasnt comfortable enough to wear a string bikini until like three years ago. I was afraid someone would actualy see me.

If these parents are going to dress their kids liek this though I think someone should send a pedo after their kid. What are they going to do, Be surprised? the cop will ask them what happened and the mom will be like " Well I dont know My little girl was jsut wearing a mini skirt and tube top, and that man grabbed her......HE KEPT STAIRING AT HER THONG!"

Ew a baby in buttfloss...thats jsut wrong...ew.

I say people should have to get a fucking permit to be able to reproduce.

Merry christmas!

Uploaded 12/23/2008
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