Burning Man, the Afterburn, and the Faith I Have in People

People talk about Burning Man as pivotol period in their life as parallel to an inner revolution. People that are set out in an environment to which they can let go of their inhibitions and truly be their whacky selves tend to feel more secure than ever before in a society based on so many social boundaries. roll back the social clock to a time when trade and social coagulation is predominant, then throw out the stringent stilts called collective modernism and you have a group of individuals who show that differences can and will come together and survive in the harshest conditions and somehow end up extremely content and happy with one another.

As I walked at night (with a lovely woman I just met) through the vast stretch of desert playa, I had an epitomy that came down like an artillery shell: Life is very easy, as well as is success. Any which form of success and those who are successful know that living comes from the expression that you illuminate your very own masterpiece from your personality...but what is a masterpiece?

Masterpieces are forever engaged around every one of us. Every moment in every set of sight, sound, touch and taste contains one. To me, a masterpiece is something that is captured in that moment and then portrayed in its full value to the world. A masterpiece is not restrained to other's just opinion, but rather to anyone who succumbs to the notion of it's beauty.

You capture a moment, you capture a masterpiece, you capture success, and ultimately you capture life in the definition of truly living.

Every moment within a moment is a masterpiece.

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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