Burning the Quran!

This week in Afghanistan an American embassy was caught burning Qurans and other holy relics in an incinerator. Somehow, the word got out to the general public in Afghanistan that this took place. Of course,  Muslim around the world became angry.  Because of this some people have been killed, many injured and millions of Muslims are totally ticked off. To top it off, any of the good will the Americans garnered in Afghanistan is probably lost.

Here I sit, a sophisticated midget, and yet even I know that such a task would insult and be disrespectful to all Muslim people. So how the hell does the American diplomatic establishment manage to pull off such a stupid blunder?  Look, I know they are just made of paper and are superstitious writings, but why upset the people who hold it in high regards, when you are trying to win them over?

It is impossible for me to imagine this took place accidentally without basic understanding by the American diplomatic core. Was this act perpetrated on purpose to add fuel to the fire that keeps the war on terror ignited?   Was this stupid, ignorant act done to push the Muslim people even further into outrage, to give war mongers even more reason to increase the war effort?  Seems obvious to me.

Uploaded 02/23/2012
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