Business Ethics...

Just a little bit of background on my situation first...


So, after graduating from the UofO in June I promptly bought a house in Hawaii to be near my family. One day I went and donated blood at the hospital my mom happens to work at and I was introduced to this really nice guy. He was looking to train someone in the art of photography and one day, take over his business. The guy is only 30. Being that I make my living playing poker, I thought it would be a fun idea to take up my current hobby of photography and turn it into a profession. This is the first person that I've worked with that I actually enjoy hanging out with. We've become good friends as well as business partners.


Fast forward a couple of months...


One Sunday I went with my "boss" on a photoshoot for a magazine. I took some backup shots and was pretty much his bitch all day during the shoot, although the shoot was very very relaxed and laid back. While on the photoshoot I really hit it off with one of the models. To say this girl was gorgeous would be an understatement. Now, I don't fancy myself a good looking guy, but I can pass for decent. This girl was absolutely amazing. She was brilliant, sarcastic (read smartass), funny, and...well, beautiful. Now, I love the fact that I have a job where I get to hang out with gorgeous girls day in and day out, but this girl was something else. Since my last serious relationship I have been in a funk where I don't want to get into anything serious, so I sleep around (why buy the cow?). I've always told myself that there would have to be a girl that exceeds all of my expectations in order to get me to want to have another relationship. I believe that this is that girl. Now, while I can sit there and say that this girl was perfect, in most cases the attraction would be one-sided. She is gorgeous and I'm...well, not ugly. The entire day I was trying to focus on my tasks at hand and learn from my "boss" and she just kept coming over and flirting and chatting me up. Now, this wouldn't surprise me all that much, but I was kind of giving her the cold shoulder being that I'm very driven and I want to make a career out of this (who wouldn't). As the day closes, she takes my hand, writes her number on it, takes my phone and puts her number in that, and then gives me a card where I can reach her at her 9-5 job.




I met up with her about 3 days later after post-processing was done on her photos to ask her if she would come and be my practice model for my photography and in return she gets every photo I take to put on her myspace/facebook etc. We have coffee (she does, I hate coffee) and discuss the business proposal and she essentially asks me out on a date. This caught me off guard as I made sure that she understood this was a business meeting. This is my dilemma: I have found what appears to be the perfect girl that is really into me and I can actually attempt at a relationship with her (getting laid would be far too easy at this point...what I'm looking for with this one is a bit more) or I could focus on my work since dating one of my models is against what myself and the business that I'm apart of believe. What do you think?

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