Cal-el and the Leprechaun

Cal-el and the Leprechaun

The tiny little red-bearded man dressed in the strange green clothing with a green derby and the pointed toed, buckled shoes looked at Cal-el and froze.

I know what you want! You want me pot of gold, don't you. You'll never get it, I tell you! I won't let you catch me!

Relax, said Cal-el, I could care less about your money. I'm here all alone and I thought you might want to go to Bennigan's and get a green beer.

You're trying to TRICK me you are! I won't HAVE it! You're not going to get my gold!

Geesh, said Cal-el, shrugging his shoulders. What is it about you people and your money.

You people? Trying to insult me, are ye? Prejudiced against the little people, are ye?

Goodness. I wasn't talking about Leprechauns. I was talking about anyone with money. Everyone goes around making such a big deal of how much money they have and no one looks at others for the kind of person they are anymore. You just appeared to be alone, too, and I thought we could ease our loneliness with a couple drinks and some conversation.

Well, tempting it may be, but how do I know I can trust ye?

If you're a Leprechaun, don't you have some kind of power of divination?

Ah, yer after me powers, eh? I KNEW I couldn't trust ye! I'll have nothing to do with ye!

Goodness. I'm just telling you to take a look for yourself and see if I'm not trustworthy. I can understand that you think everyone's out for you money, but honestly, you're suffering from severe paranoia... not that you don't have your reasons.

Well, I may be able to trust ye, but how do I know I'll be able to trust the others?

They'll just think you were an actor hired to dress up as a Leprechaun for the St. Patrick's Day celebration. People don't really believe in Leprechauns here. Besides, if anyone tries to start something, I'll intervene.

Well, I really COULD use a sip 'o' ale and some good company would be nice, but I don't know if I should trust ye.

Fine. I'll go drink green beer by myself. It would have been nice to have some company, but I can see you're in no mood to dance and have a good time. I'll be on my way.

Cal-el turned and started walking to his mini-van, taking the keys out of his pocket.

WAIT! I guess I can trust ye, and it HAS been a really long time since I've had a decent chat with someone who wasn't after me pot of gold. You'd better not think ye can be tricking me, though.

If I were the type to trick people, don't you think I'd be living in a nicer house?

Well, ye have a point. Ok. I'll come along.

Cal-el opened the door for the Leprechaun and helped him into the seat, showing him how to fasten the seatbelt. Cal-el then got into his van and drove him to Henry's Hideout where there was live music and dancing. A few people commented about the midget's outfit, but just as many commented about Cal-el's T-shirt, and soon the Leprechaun began to relax.

Cal-el and the Leprechaun drank some green ale and the Leprechaun started relaxing and enjoying himself. He talked with Cal-el about his sad stories of being persecuted and Cal-el shared a few stories of his own persecution with the Leprechaun. They talked about loves they won and lost. They comforted each other then started joking around and had a good laugh.

The ladies couldn't keep themselves away from this interesting looking couple, which made Cal-el a little uneasy, but seemed to overly delight the Leprechaun.

Are ye a party pooper, asked the Leprechaun.

No, I just have someone on my mind right now.

Ah, that shouldn't stop ye from enjoying the party.

I'm enjoying it. I just have some things on my mind.

Well, suit yerself.

Cal-el and the Leprechaun finally found a couple ladies who were actually interested in engaging them in some real conversation, so they invited the ladies to dance. As they were dancing, the Leprechaun cast a little spell that raised the dancers slightly off the dance floor with a fog that people thought came from a fog machine.

At the end of the evening, they took a couple ladies back to Cal-el's place... both of them for the Leprechaun. Cal-el wasn't interested in gratuitous sex, as he had someone special on his mind.

The next morning, after enduring the giggles and moans he heard through the night, Cal-el saw the Leprechaun and the ladies to the door. The Leprechaun said goodbye to the ladies and stopped to talk a bit with Cal-el.

Aren't ye going to ask me fer something?

No, I enjoyed your company and it really was a good time.

Well, since ye kept yer word, I'm gonna' do something fer ya anyway. Ye see, I'm the King of the Leprechauns and I've never met a mortal such as ye.

The Leprechaun waved his hands which glowed a golden glow and said an ancient Irish Leprechaun blessing over Cal-el.

Cal-el didn't understand a word of the blessing, but he smiled and thanked the Leprechaun. The Leprechaun then turned and scurried off to the vacant lot next door, and just as he neared the trees, he vanished.

I wonder what the blessing was? thought Cal-el.

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