Can I have your number

If any of you have seen that MadTV skit then you're probally laughing very ahrd right now, If not you probally think im trying to pick you up  haha.

I have a tendancy to do alot of blogs on relationships because I have lots of them....just kidding!. But I have something to tell allt hose guys out there, You are more likely to get a girl if you use a corny pick up line. Well maybe its jsut me but I love them. For seom reason this reminds me of during the summer I went to wonderland with my "girlfriend" who I babysat for the entire summer and on my last day we went, Anyways I endeed up getting a wicked awesome henna tattoo on my hand and I actualy gave my number out for the first time ( im 15) that was an epic moment of my life ahaha And yeah that seems pathetic but I live in a small town, the people I usualy date are my friends and I dont know about you but I dont go around handing out my number.

Also on another note I found out this summer from my friend that if you are "dating" someone you are boyfriend and girlfriend..does that make sense to you, If your dating I thought you were dating, Like just going out every once in a while, But apparently if your just doing that your "seeing" somebody. The relationship world sucks, I personly beleive that we should all just never reproduce and just have sex, And that doesnt mean Im easy or a slut it just means that I dont want to have a little jel-o covered rat come out of my cooch

Uploaded 09/24/2008
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