Canadians Finally Get Satellite TV

The Canadian prime minister confirmed that the government sent some of the best welders in the country to put together the 6 and a half ton satellite which felt onto their lands.

I'm the first to interview the Canucks there. I'm Neko, reporter for the Meowly Meowmeow. What are your feelings about the situation? 

"It won't be easy to weld this thing, but once we get this thing running, we'll get to watch Cartoon Network, eh?" - Pierre Dupois, Canadian welder

"My idea was to sell this thing to the scrap yard. It's a lot of metal. Lot of money there, buddy. They should let the people salvage it, friend. Me and Bernie would spend the cash wisely, guy. On pot and a 3 month World of Warcraft subscription." - some old Canadian guy

"Wow, satellite TV in Canada. Finally we get to watch cool American shows and Nickelback concerts." - Gerome Baguette, Canadian milkman

"The process is rather simple. You install a dish outside your window. Any dish will do, guy. A bowl will do great too. Weld a cable to the dish on one side and to your TV on the other, eh? Next you have to direct the bowl so it's facing the satellite." - Henri Coupon, Canadian Scientist 

As you can see, the Canucks are hyped about getting satellite television in their country. It's all thanks to the retards at NASA, who were too dumb to predict where their defunct piece of junk satellite would fall. And they lied about putting a man on the moon

Uploaded 09/24/2011
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