Capitalism vs Socialism vs Communism.

So, what is better? To answer that all of them suck. The reason being is people don't want 100 % of either.


The problem with capitalism is that their will always be more poor people than rich. And when politicans being bought off by lobbyist from private corporations, the regular man and woman lose out.


The problem with communism and socialism is everything is controlled by the central government. Once the government falls on bad economic times the people will have to pay the price. The second thing is, everyone gets the same thing, so people who work jobs that deserve more rations and pay won't get them. Making them pissed off and they become lazy because they see no reward.


Capitalism isn't as perfect as what people thought it to be. Why? Because the rich have become greedy and the Government makes laws for lobbyist. You see, in a capitalist government everything has a price on it. Even the executive office.


Socialism is unacceptable. Capitalism is becoming bull shit. Communism is pretty fucking stupid, unless you want to end up like Cuba and N. Korea.


A socialist government with a capitalist market seems nice. It's a mix of both capitalism and socialism. Or Americans can pay top dollar for their goods and stop being cheap fucks and quit buying Chinese made products. Even still, big corporations will still lay off employees for the benifit of the companies capital. Then get tax cuts.


Our greed will kill us. Happened to the Roman, Greek, Persian, Mongolian and, Palal (Modern Day India) empires.

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