CAT FIGHT! sweet....

As i was walking downtown I saw 2 girls getting in a fight. I ignored it till I seen the place I was going to was just around the corner, so i walk over and see the girls. A guy yells wheres the popcorn when you need it! Everyone ignored him and he got mad. He punches the guy infront of him, and the get in a fight. I walk over to the guys fighting and laugh, untill i hear a big "RIP" from the girls. Their shirts where ripped completely off. Everyone including the guys fighting look over to the girls. On girl ripped the others skirt off and the other one ripped the other one kick the others face. I wal to the place I needed to go. I forgot it is tuesday and they arwe closed, so i go back to the fight. Everyone was laughing and someone was being wierd but it could of been true. He yelled," I GOT A BONER! WHAT DO I DO KNOW! MY WIFE WILL KILL ME!" the girls herd it and one other the girls goes over and yells," STANLEY!!" cuz' that one girl was his wife. He ran as fast as he could and the wierd/funny thing was his pants fall down cuz' hes wife to his belt and tried to slap him with it. And he falls and yells," OH NO!". Then his wife chased him. Everyone still laughing.

 All that time i never knew what the girls where fighting about and i don't wanna find out..... or do I?

Uploaded 06/03/2008
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