Catmancat... I'm out of here!

This place use to be full of sweet little pussies and now with all the changes I can't get down on my meow, meow. I've been an alt for a year now "purrr"using the different sections looking for a friendly feline, but with all the shitty changes I'm gonna scat from this joint.  Yea, you won't and don't remember me and don't give a fur ball that you will never hear from me again, but it's one less view, times all your shitty submissions suckers and you'll never make it up. 
Another thing why is my reward "eBones?" They are for dogs. I want fishy crackers!  Seriously, ever since Letemdangle, that opinionated prick started here, the place stinks worse than month old kitty litter and that bitch Tyeada knows that smell. Poor cats being subjected to her hippy dribble all day. And fuck you Deevo! You think your a big shot just because you have a few weirded out whores hanging on your every word. Yea I know, *you're, ha ha. 
Another thing Tomlet is a retarded teacher because he doesn't know schools are for teachers not freak filled sites like eBaum's world.  I come for the freakishness and Professor Tomlet is like a sober gas ruining a good party. 

Yea and all the admin sucks here too, because they ruined my soft petting time that is my hourly routine. Pepperpeanut? Like WTF does that even mean? Did he just pull two random words out of his arse and go with that? How about Housefinger? Or Carpettoilet? Just as good as "Pepperpeanut". 

This alt is done with this cesspool of hate and viciousness.  Catmancat OUT! 
Oh yeah, my password is F-U-C-K Y-O-U
Uploaded 07/02/2012
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